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Konjac face wash

[Good healthy skin starts with washing your face]

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1.Product raw material

The scientific name is Amorphophallus Konjac

Perennial herb of the genus Konjac in the araceae family

Konjac bulb part

Konnyaku washing cottonThat's what it's made of!

2. Relevant introduction

This product is a natural/Konjac fiber product with a hemispherical shape and a diameter of 5.5cm in dry state.About 7cm when wet. Glucomannan, the main component of fiber, is a natural moisturizing factor. It is weakly acidic and safe for all skin types, without irritation. It is suitable for baby and sensitive skin.屏幕快照 2022-08-19 上午10.47.35.pngIt is firm, smooth and elastic. It can be used for cleansing and skin massage. Used with facial cleanser, the foam Juan is fine and rich, which can easily wash out the Q elastic muscle. Using Konnyaku daily cleansing cotton can gently exfoliate aged skin. It can effectively neutralize and decompose light makeup residue and fine haze in the skin even without soap and cleanser. While cleaning the skin and taking away the dirt of deep pores, long-term use can also help smooth blood circulation and promote skin metabolism

3. Suitable skin type

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(1)Remove makeup/mask

Gently exfoliate aged skin

Remove deep pore dirt

Moisturizing and moisturizing the skin

(2)Bath/massage conditioning

Effectively decomposes light makeup residue

Thoroughly clean pore haze dust

Repair fragile skin after sun exposure

(3)Cleansing/skin cleansing

It helps clear the circulation of blood

Promote skin metabolism

Effectively balance skin PH

4.Production process

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5..Our contact information

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